1 Hour Reading- $180

30 Min Reading- $100

Energy Healing 60 Minute- $180

Energy Healing 90 Minute- $250

GYP Program

CPP Program

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Growing Yourself Psychic Program

This self-study course is designed to help you to grow your psychic and intuitive abilities, have confidence in them and remove obstacles to employing them in your life.

Spiritual Development Opportunities

Angela works with you to create specially designed sessions that are designed to meet your evolving and ever-growing needs for education, coaching, mentoring and spiritual development. Don’t know where to start? Start by completing an intuitive insight session or learning more about Angela’s intuitive development programs.

Conscious Psychic Program

CPP is a 1-on-1 intuitive development program where Angela works with you to remove obstacles to your expansion into your sixth sense and beyond.