What's Your Pleasure?

Angela offers many services designed to meet your evolving and ever-growing needs for education, coaching, mentoring and spiritual development. Scroll here to LEARN MORE information on all of Angela’s offerings.

Growing Yourself Psychic Program

A self-study course that will support you in unleashing your intuition and growing your psychic skills in all areas of your life!

The Conscious Psychic Program

A 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching program to open up and cultivate your psychic skills. Through direct teaching as well as experiential group learning — you’ll quickly get comfortable with your psychic development.

Lotus Sessions

A series of transformative healing sessions performed in tandem by two healing practitioners. These unique sessions are intended to open you up and help you bloom into whatever is next for you on your journey.

Psychic Readings

Angela conducts a reading/session employing helping spirits of hers and yours. Bring your specific desires and life’s burning questions to Angela, she’ll offer you spirited guidance.

Energy Healing

Science tells us that everything is energy. From thoughts and feelings to the density of the ground that we walk on, it’s all energy. Our energetic body goes through changes and is subject to stress, as are all things. Energy healings serve as a ‘well visit’ for our energetic body or a ‘tune up’ of sorts.

Intuitive Insight Session

Don’t know where to start? Complete these questions and book a (complimentary) Intuitive Insight Session to get direction on how to proceed with your psychic development!


1 Hour Reading- $180

30 Min Reading- $100

Energy Healing 60 Minute- $180

Energy Healing 90 Minute- $250

GYP Program

CPP Program

Lotus Sessions

Gift Cards Available!

Growing Yourself Psychic Program

This self-study course is designed to help you to grow your psychic and intuitive abilities, have confidence in them and remove obstacles to employing them in your life.

Spiritual Development Opportunities

Angela works with you to create specially designed sessions that are designed to meet your evolving and ever-growing needs for education, coaching, mentoring and spiritual development. Don’t know where to start? Start by completing an intuitive insight session or learning more about Angela’s intuitive development programs.

Conscious Psychic Program

CPP is a 1-on-1 intuitive development program where Angela works with you to remove obstacles to your expansion into your sixth sense and beyond.

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