Energy Healing:

Considered a ‘well visit’ for our energetic body or a ‘tune up’ of sorts. Create an intention for your   healing that can apply to the physical, emotional or mental bodies of your being.  Meaning — clearing chronic pain, support in reducing the emotional charge of a trauma, or help in shifting your mindset on any issue.  While Angela has you on the table (you will be clothed and lying comfortably on your back) she’ll be clearing your chakras and your aura.  Angela will communicate all messages that are coming through for you, during your session, from your guides and energetic bodies.

As an Usui Reiki Master and an Access BARS practitioner — Angela has studied with many energy alchemists over the years. She channels both Jesus and Isis during her healings and taps her 200+ hours of study in the healing arts, facilitating a powerful energy healing session for you!

*Science tells us that everything is energy. From thoughts and feelings to the density of the ground that we walk on, it’s all energy. Our energetic body goes through changes and is subject to stress, as are all things.

If you feel called to learn more about this work – feel free to contact Angela Bixby at: or 302.345.0575.



This service is being completed remotely only, for the foreseeable future.  While you may feel it is unusual — clients feel the work over the distance.  Clients report feeling more complete, lighter, balanced, optimistic and more energized after Angela has worked with them. *If/when this service is provided in-person, light touch may be employed.




This work is indicated for those:

  • Looking to balance their energy
  • Wanting to clear stuck and old energy from your energetic bodies
  • Wishing to attune their chakra systems
  • Feeling bogged down by the energy of others

“I saw Angela yesterday for my 30th birthday. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never gone to a psychic before, but I just knew I needed some semblance of peace and guidance. I am so happy that I treated myself to that experience. Angela was friendly, approachable, and blunt when she needed to be. She even said one thing in particular during the energy healing that brought me to (happy) tears. I left feeling relaxed, centered, and optimistic about my future. I’ve already told all of my friends about Angela and her gift! I’m looking forward to seeing her again.”

Samantha R. via Yelp

“I was hesitant about going, because of the price. But once I went through with it, It was worth every bit! I loved meeting Angela, you were definitely giving  clear, unfiltered insight about whatever it was I felt like I needed to know. Her energy is very relaxing, comforting, and addicting! Like you want to just hang around her all day. haha! My deceased loved one was definitely there, and she described her to the tea and the initial of her name. She also picked up things that no one would know unless they spoke to me in detail. I’m pretty honest,  and have been to a couple years ago, and gave my reviews on them on Google. And I value this woman’s gifts. They are special to experience. You must try at least once and it will change your outlook, and outcome for the BEST!”

Mecca D. via Yelp