the Conscious Psychic Program

The Conscious Psychic Program is 1-on-1 intuitive and spiritual development. You will work with Angela for 12 months to cultivate your intuition. You will remove obstacles to your expansion into your sixth sense and beyond.

All of the sessions and the development circles are conducted via Zoom (audio not video). There are and have been clients from all over the USA as well as participants from other countries.

This program is tailored to meet you where you are as an individual and supported with group learning, individual exercises and practices. Appropriate for many levels, it does require an application and interview for enrollment.

Are you someone who is having spiritual, intuitive and psychic experiences that are calling you to open? Are you having Awakening and Ascension symptoms and desiring community and support and deep mentorship through this process? Angela Bixby and Energy Intuit may be the coaching and mentoring place for you.

It all starts with the Intuitive Insight Session:

Working together for 12 months, I meet you where you are! Just stepping onto your psychic journey or digging more deeply, this program will serve you. It will help move you forward, from where you are. We’ll work together individually for 26 intense sessions.  Your personal practices, the multiple development circle (group work) opportunities along with your own self-study and growth of your awareness — will round out your experience in this program


Additionally, the program offers:

  • Multiple opportunities to participate in Development Circles (offered four times weekly!)
  • A Facebook community group
  • Access to on-line learning modules (GYP)
  • Community building and potential for accountability partnership
  • Ongoing support by Angela throughout your development process via text and email, in-between your sessions


12 months: $3,500 paid in full ** Or: Deposit of $200 and 12 monthly payments of $275



I have known Angela Since 2013 as a recipient of intuitive readings and for the past two years as a student of the Conscious Psychic Program.  As an intuitive reader, she is extremely accurate and delivers her messages with an empathic style.  Haven been enamored by what she has provided me in messages over the years, I decided that I wanted to harness my own intuition to enhance my abilities as a forensic psychologist.  I enrolled in the Conscious Psychic Program in 2019, and for the past two years I have experience tremendous growth under Angela’s mentorship and while developing with other program members.  At first, I didn’t trust what I felt, heard, saw and experienced by way of intuitive “hits”, but over time I learned to trust these messages and as a result I have flourished in my job performance. 

Angela is very accessible, non-judgmental, and meets you where you are, which was something I always sought in a mentor but never had.  I am truly grateful for everything I have learned in this program, and I hope that if you have been guided to read my review then you too explore this unique and fulfilling opportunity.  The past two years have been life changing for me.

M.M., April, 2021

Forensic Psychologist

Working with Angela in the CPP container has amplified my intuitive gifts and channeling abilities. I needed a mentor to help me embrace and fine-tune my intuitive nature as well as work with me to release inner blocks and challenges that were stopping me from fully stepping into my power and gifts.  

Before working with Angela I was channeling on my own, mostly through intuitive writing and in private sessions and never fully embraced this ability, especially publicly. Through our 1:1 coaching sessions and lots of inner work and healing, I am able to fully embrace my channeling and use it as a gift of service for others. I have had the courage and confidence to claim myself as an intuitive channel and now run monthly circles where I channel sacred feminine guides, including Mary Magdalene. 

The CPP group circles are highly-engaging and such a wonderful, welcoming place to practice and refine your intuitive and psychic skills. I felt comfortable and at ease both in our 1:1 sessions as well as in circle with other participants. It is a community as well as a space to fine-tune your psychic skills. Angela is a depth of knowledge and I am forever grateful for her guidance and mentorship.
Gretchen Sechrist Kehan, April, 2021

Founder, Daughters Rising

“I have worked with Angela for over two years, first as a client for readings and healings, and then as a student in her Conscious Psychic Program. She has been immeasurably helpful with my healing and awakening process. She thinks and works quickly, while still being grounded, methodical and thoughtful. She cares deeply about her work with students and clients, and is a great example of someone who walks the walk. As a PhD-level psychologist, I have provided and received healing through traditional talk therapy for decades. The growth I’ve experienced with Angela far surpasses that work, and is breaking patterns and barriers that I knew were there, but couldn’t quite wrap my mind around and describe in words. I am deeply grateful for the path that led me to Angela, and for the layers of awareness and healing that she has compassionately and expertly guided me through!”

-A.C., 2019

PhD Psychologist, LALO

“Angela is an amazing mentor and human being. Throughout my time as a student in her Conscious Psychic Program, I often referred to Angela as a “psychic therapist.” Not only does Angela equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to recognize and develop your own intuition, but she does so with warmth, kindness, and an incredible listening ear. In the Conscious Psychic Program, you will learn to understand and develop your intuitive abilities, apply them in your everyday world, and grow as a person.”

-K.A., 2019

My Spirit led me to Angela in September of 2018 when I registered for her Intuitive You workshop. It didn’t take long for me to know that I wanted to be a part of the Conscious Psychic Program. I joined the program to enrich my personal life and increase my confidence when making big life and business decisions.

What I got was a community of people dedicated to seeing each other grow and a supportive coach/mentor who puts her heart and soul into her mission.

Since joining Angela’s Conscious Psychic Program, I have seen my intuitive abilities grow and expand more than I could have ever imagined. I’ve gained new trust in my instincts and a deeper understanding of the way I receive intuitive hits so that I can make better, more guided decisions in my personal and professional life.

I’ve also learned skills for protecting my energy, which has made a huge difference my quality of life as an Empath.

Angela doesn’t just care about helping her students grow intuitively, she’s a champion for their growth in personal and business pursuits, as well. Angela has been a strong support for me in my effort to build and grow my own life coaching business and has been with me to celebrate countless personal wins.

I’m excited to continue my work with Angela and see how far her continued teaching and support can take me in my intuitive development.

Jenna Enright, 2020


I’ve worked with many teachers of intuition and yet was drawn to Angela’s intuitive development program. Within her Conscious Psychic Program I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I connected even more deeply to my guides. An unplanned benefit of working in her program is that I got very clear on how I would next serve the world with my own, intuitive processes and services. It was so helpful that I chose to continue with spiritual business coaching to launch my new services to the world. If you are looking to open up, deepen your connections to your inner guidance or get clear guidance from Angela on spiritual business practices I recommend her as a mentor!

Christine Burke, 2013

Artist, Teacher & Author, Christine’s Art World, Pennsylvania, USA

My initial goal when I began working with Angela was to get in deeper touch with my Intuition. While some of the details of the goals shifted throughout our journey together, I’ve begun to experience growth in unexpected ways. The process of working within Angela’s Conscious Psychic Program has led me to approach and inspire my clients within my practice, in new ways and in deeply shifted ways. The process of working together has opened me up to powerful ways to be a resource to my clients and their growth, that I could not have anticipated on day one of this program. I strongly recommend Angela’s programs and when you do, be open to your goals changing and shifting in magical ways along the journey!!
Kristin Sellers, 2014

LCSW, Pennsylvania, USA