GYP: Growing Yourself Psychic — $297 for approx. 20 hours of content (formerly $497)

Certified Psychic Medium Angela Bixby announces: Growing Yourself Psychic, Unleash the Intuitive You into all areas of your life!

We are all healers in our own rite. It is my belief that we all have access to healing through our Intuition. As we learn to check-in intuitively, in situations for our clients, our family, our selves — we allow ourselves access to answers that may offer us healing.

Those of you called to the Healing Arts – Bodyworkers, Nurses, Therapists, Physicians, Energy Healers, etc. are walking that healing path for others. You’ve answered a nudge, a call, a spiritual signpost of sorts to help to facilitate healing in others. This course is another nudge to you, for growing your healing tools.

This course is geared towards healers and healing professionals. It will: help you to grow your psychic and intuitive abilities, have confidence in them and remove obstacles to employing them for yourself and others. It will offer you ways to communicate with your clients, those around you and yourself – from another vantage point.                           

Investing in your psychic development is an investment in your self and your healing ability that will result in more business, a potential new revenue stream, and more holistic outcomes for your clients and patients.

My passion though, is to help people grow a deeper awareness of their own Intuition.

Whether you want to use your intuition to better serve your clients, to enhance your healing & counseling techniques, or whether you want to actually offer intuitive and psychic readings to your clients – this course is for you.

Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to offer your clients more for their healing experience and weren’t sure how to do so? As healers and healing professionals, you want to serve your clients and go beyond meeting their needs at times. You’ve got a framework in place with your professional training and this lends itself naturally, to adding this layer of psychic and intuitive guidance.

So many healers are already experiencing their intuition in their practices. That sensation of understanding someone’s emotions as you begin to work on them, specific visions emerging during a client consultation or hearing a voice of wisdom as your client has just asked you for guidance – yet you aren’t sure how to incorporate it in helpful and better yet–healing ways. This course will guide you through both strengthening these skills and offer you an understanding of how to incorporate the messages in service to your clients.

My belief is that we are all intuitive and we are all psychic. I liken these abilities to musical ability – some are born geniuses and some will demonstrate their abilities with some training. We all reside somewhere on that spectrum for our musical abilities AND our psychic abilities. What does this mean? It means that regardless of the level where you sit now with your psychic proficiency – you can benefit from this course.

We all have psychic seeds that are waiting to be sown. We sow these seeds and what we’ll harvest is a deeper understanding of ourselves & the world around us; the ability to make more soundly informed decisions from our core; the ability to help others through direct readings or by integrating our skills into our practices and approaches with the clients that we help and heal.

I spent the last thirteen years of my first career, in the healthcare arena. I toiled away on the hospital floors, determining which patients would be best served by my company’s services. There were so many times, when a hunch, my guides, a clear vision of what this patient needed would come into my psychic view. Through trial and error along with a few years of Intuitive Development training – I reached a point of integrating this knowledge in service to the patients and their situations. With this course, you no longer need to struggle on how to cultivate these abilities for your clients’ & patients’ well-being. I’ve taken my year-long training experience in NYC, along with my additional years of study, practice and business know-how and condensed it into a 5 week course for you.  It’s a wonderful place to begin or continue your intuitive development journey!

“Angela is an extremely gifted healer. I recently went to her for an energy Calibration and the experience was deeply profound. She was able to tune in to my energy and read each of my chakras. Afterwards, she spent time explaining what things she picked up on in each energy center. She shared information on spirit guides, a past life, and tips to improve any imbalances. Her ability to pick up on things is spot on. Since the Calibration, I feel a renewed sense of energy and happiness. I highly recommend seeing Angela if you find yourself stuck in any area of your life; she has an amazing ability that can aid in unblocking energy. “ ~Diane G.

“Thank you so very much for your work. You created such a beautiful, peaceful, and loving space for me to receive such precious information. The way that you read energy and interpret messages from Spirit is incredibly authentic and such a delight to experience! The information you channeled for me was incredibly supportive and greatly uplifting. I am ready to really take charge of my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!“ ~L.W.

“Angela! Thank you so much for helping me find my gifts that are within.” – W.P.

“I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Angela and her ability to help…” NZM

“Angela was highly accurate on everything she told me and even told me things I hadn’t asked! It was an amazing reading and Angela is truly a gifted medium, a great person, very welcoming, and she makes you feel comfortable like an old friend. She teaches as she offers a reading too. I will definitely return. “ W.H.

Personal Story: From Healthcare Worker to a World Renowned Intuitive Expert

During my career in healthcare, when I trusted my Intuition and developed it further I found that I made better decisions on behalf of my clients, felt more grounded in my work and life’s purpose and brought a better person to work each day. My confidence in my ability to make grounded decisions, quickly, to serve those around me increased my quality of life and relationships beyond my work arena.

As healing & helping professionals, you are already aware of how you can help your clients through therapies, counseling, body & energy work. This course will take you a bit deeper, into your intuitive and psychic skills.

With this course, you’ll feel prepared to offer additional insights to your clients for their healing and health. Many find that getting more intimate with their intuitive and psychic sides simply helps them to be a better healer. Others find that by incorporating many of the techniques taught here, that they are able to differentiate themselves from similar healing professionals, further cultivating their own client niches.

Do You Relate to This?

In working with healers and helping professionals, I often hear the stories of the nurse who, in spite of lab results, ‘knew’ there was something amiss with the patient she was caring for; the massage therapist who, when releasing tension in a particular part of a client’s body, had a vision of some stress that contributed to this patient’s physical tension; or the counselor who could sense their client’s emotions around a situation before the client even talked about why they were seeking guidance.

This course will help you cultivate and grow these senses that we all naturally, have access to. You’ll have new tools to incorporate into your practices & professions to more fully serve your clients and patients and more fully serve your higher self. This course absolutely lends itself, to also offering stand alone psychic/medium readings if this is your wish! Imagine how adding an Intuitive Reading service may offer your clients an additional, much-needed service!

Curriculum & Course Schedule

Growing Yourself Psychic provides you with a five week plan that will help uncork your intuition and grow yourself more psychic.
You will experience results in the first week!
After you register, I will guide you through a five week “on-demand” training program that starts immediately.

Each module in Growing Yourself Psychic includes:

  • A video outlining each module
  • Hours of original content from Angela’s expertise & perspective
  • Affirmations from Angela to build confidence
  • Exercises to complete that support the lesson
  • Additional resources to include audio lectures & recommended reading lists
  • The opportunity to ask Angela questions via email about the modules

Module #1: It starts with a hunch, or a tingle or a vision….

This week you’ll begin to understand the anatomy of your psychic skills, recognize them and connect to make these super senses work for you.
Psychic Skills = Super Senses

You’ll learn:

  • Where your psychic strengths lie
  • Obstacles to your development and how to kick them to the curb
  • The imperative keys to Intuitive Development
  • Common misconceptions about Psychic Development
  • How to plug-in to your super senses
  • How to differentiate Psychic Senses from ‘regular’ senses

Module #2: Energy, energy everywhere!

We know from science that everything is comprised of energy. Energy is comprised of atoms vibrating at different rates. We are energy, furniture is energy, psychic impressions are energy too! This week you’ll open up to some basic Energy understanding and how it contributes to your Intuitive Development.

This week you’ll learn:

  • Universal Laws and how they apply to Intuitive Development
  • You’ll be introduced to your other body (your subtle energy body) and how it works with your physical body to develop your intuition
  • Energy Signatures – Mine, Theirs & Ours
  • Energetic Healing and its role in your Intuitive Development

Module #3: Communicating with Spirit, it’s a two way street!

This week we’ll delve into Spirit Guides, Mediumship and many forms of connecting with non-living humans.

You’ll finish this module confidently with:

  • A Who’s Who knowledge of the Spirit World
  • Having met at least one of your Guides
  • Knowledge of what Mediumship Is and Isn’t
  • An understanding of the Language of Spirits

Module #4: Your essential toolbox

This week we’re bringing forward into one place, the essential tools in approaching your Intuitive Development.

You’ll complete this module knowing the importance of:

  • Keeping your feet on the ground
  • Faith is always a factor, regardless of your beliefs
  • The High Life — highest intentions, highest good, highest outcomes
  • Leave your baggage at the door…we’ve all got baggage. We either choose to shelve it for a session or we work through and release it. Either way, it isn’t welcome in client sessions.
  • Your Intuition Journal
  • Energy Hygiene

Module #5: Putting it all together, what’s next?

This is the module where we put it all together. You are diving into your Intuition, figuring out how to incorporate it professionally and possibly doing readings for others.

You’ll learn here:

  • How to deliver messages
  • How to integrate this information into your healing practice
  • What your messages can/may mean for your clients/patients
  • Ethics, Boundaries & Personal Responsibilities
  • Ongoing support, development circles and the like…

Bonus Items included with your purchase of this course:

A 30 Minute Intuitive Coaching Session w/ Angela ($100 Value).  We’ll schedule a 30 minute phone session together after Module 2. Bring all questions, challenges or joys that you are encountering to this call and we will work through them together!
Ten Sparks to Ignite your Intuition ($27)