Psychic Readings:

Angela conducts a reading/session employing helping spirits of hers and yours. Angela is able to look at the energy of past, present or future situations. She is also able to access and connect with the energies of those living and those who have passed on. Bring your specific desires and life’s burning questions to Angela, she’ll offer you spirited guidance. Five questions are recommended for a ½ hour session and ten for an hour. While we may not get to all of the questions, they’ll serve as a map for the session. Clients have reported accuracy rates in the range of 85-100%.

This work is indicated for those:

  • wanting to receive psychic guidance in different areas of their life
  • wanting to connect to people who have passed on
  • wanting to explore past lives, spirit guides, dreams, karmic seeds, soul’s purpose, etc.


A reading with Angela involves preparing questions for your reading. Angela can address questions about past, present or future situations. Together we can work with dreams, spirit guides, past lives, speaking with dead people in spirit, etc. Please keep in mind that there is no  psychic spying on people, no death dates given nor postulated, no lottery numbers given.



30 Minute: $100

60 Minute: $180