The Lotus Sessions

TLS: The Lotus Sessions

A series of transformative healing sessions that are intended to open you up and help you bloom into whatever is next for you on your journey.  Two practitioners will be working with you, to maximize your potential for healing.  You’ll be engaged in private instruction for yoga, meditation and breath work while Angela Bixby works with your subtle energy body to gather data from Spirit, stories from your chakras and energies that are asking to be addressed and released.  The information that comes through from this first session will direct how the subsequent 4, weekly sessions will go.  The process starts with a conversation with Angela, she’ll then hand pick a yoga instructor based upon your needs, to conduct the sessions with.  Next we’ll schedule the five, weekly sessions to fit your calendar.

Tandem work is exponentially powerful.  Yoga, the joining of mind and body takes many, many forms.  In The Lotus Sessions ©2014 Angela Bixby, asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation will be incorporated.  You’ll be engaged with the instructor as Angela moves through your energetic and spiritual bodies, on your behalf.  The shifts and transformation are powerful.  Receiving feedback from session to session, this work is designed to support your personal transformation goals – whether to establish a spiritual practice, to augment existing therapies that you are engaged in or to work through blocks to your creative process, discover new methods of stress reduction or to enhance productivity and manifestation. The Lotus Sessions ©2014 Angela Bixby are designed to support you.  Ideally conducted over five weeks, one week apart – a conversation with Angela will get you started.

The lotus flower symbolizes beauty and purity while it emerges from the murky and muddy-bottomed ponds in which it grows. The lotus’s process offers great symbolism for what The Lotus Sessions ©2014 Angela Bixby offer to you. My hope is that while you engage in this service motivated by your primary intentions, possibly to sprout in one direction in spite of potentially muddy underpinnings, that you’ll open to new depths of purity and beauty within you. Your purity and beauty of Being will be reflected to you, by us and through our work together. Many times we engage in spiritual practices and ways to stretch and discipline ourselves for health in all its incarnations. This process allows you a depth of knowledge of You and a communing with your inner Being in a wholly unique way. This service offers you two practitioners to support you, simultaneously. The experience is nothing short of profound.

In the Lotus Sutra it is expressed that all beings may attain enlightenment. Identifying nearly solely, with this tenet from the Lotus Sutra, I took Tibetan Buddhist vows in 2006. The Lotus Sessions ©2014 Angela Bixby are aligned with this deep philosophy – that we all can achieve expansion, in whatever ways that that may manifest in each one of us. Enlightenment isn’t a place that we get to, a destination, but a way of living in an open-hearted fashion. It is one of continuous striving for growth in our lifetimes. This growth is best guided by our own higher selves – our inner divinity. While there are many paths to our inner divinity and shining of it. The Lotus Sessions ©2014 Angela Bixby are a powerful path towards it.

If you feel called to learn more about this work – feel free to contact Angela Bixby at: or 302.345.0575. We’ll jump on the phone for 15 minutes (at no charge) and discuss your goals and intentions.

This work is indicated for those:

  • wanting to dig deeper into their creativity
  • desiring to add a layer of deep work to an existing therapeutic modality
  • ready to dive into their subtle energy body including their aura and chakra system
  • seeking to rejuvenate their yoga and/or meditation practice
  • wanting very guided instruction and feedback to begin a yoga and/or meditation practice
  • open to healing in very 21st century ways


Transformative Energetic Healing coupled with Private Yoga over 5, 90 minute sessions in my location or yours*:


Pay In Full: $1750
5 Installments: $400 each

*traveling expenses beyond a 40 mi radius of Chadds Ford, PA to be contemplated as additional costs.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga/energy sessions with Angela and Christopher. The yoga is taught at a great pace and it accommodated my beginner level. Christopher is very engaging and his session includes a good balance of art, humor, and encouragement to make you go to the edge of your practice.

Angela’s energy work identified and removed blockages that have allowed me to open myself up to a larger consciousness. Through this process, Angela is encouraging, inspiring, non-judgmental, all while creating a safe space for growth as I unveiled my potential to myself. The yoga coupled with the energy work is a complete mental, physical and spiritual experience that is truly amazing.”

Donna L.

Wilmington, DE

“Participating in The Lotus Sessions© 2014, Angela Bixby was a big step for me. I’ve experienced significant physical trauma and I don’t feel at ease in many movement-instruction situations. Picking the right yoga instructor was a critical aspect to my doing this work and Angela hit a home run with Shelly. I’m ever-grateful for Shelly’s soft, encouraging style along and Angela’s discernment on when and how to push forward with energy work. The timing that these two orchestrated on my behalf, was beautiful. I felt honored, pushed, awakened and deeply served by this tandem work. I can confidently recommend The Lotus Sessions© 2014, Angela Bixby to others with potential resistance to new modalities. You’ll be glad you said yes! “
Rose M Strab

Counselor, LPMC NCC, Wilmington, DE

“I found working with Angela and Christopher to be amazing! I wasn’t able to do the yoga postures so the focus was on meditation and breath work. Ever so thankful it worked out that way – I experienced deep levels of peace, calm, and grounded-ness (mentally, physically and emotionally) which were wonderful. The information Angela shared with me later gave me valuable insight and information to use as I’m moving through huge shifts in my life. I’m looking forward to doing this work again!”
Beth J. Keil

Registered Nurse, Board Certified Hypnotist, Owner/Hypnosis Services of Delaware